What Is Spirit of the Century?

It is a role-playing game using the Fate system get in the post-World War I era (though the system can be used in pretty much any time period or setting), in a pulp-inspired world of larger than life heroes using weird science to defeat the bizarre schemes of colorful villains. Think the Shadow, Doc Savage, Flash Gordon, the early Batman – or more modern versions such as Indiana Jones, Big Trouble in Little China, The Mummy, or The Untouchables.

The game starts in the early 1920’s, and the player characters, all born on January 1, 1901, are already two-fisted heroes of a New Age, who have already starred in a debut pulp novel about their adventures. The intro to the Background section of the SotC book gives the setting:

The Great War is over, and the world is a darker place, ripplng under the surface with unseen dangers – dangers few are even aware of. In the skies over Europe, Doctor Methuselah’s fleet of time-zeppelins is assembling to rip open a path to a future that never should be. The deadly Gorilla Khan stalks darkest Africa from his throne in conquered Atlantis, pledging the destruction of the human race. All over the globe, dark shadows grasp towards the hearts of the brave, their every intent to silence the hope of a new century struggling to survive.

One organization stands in their way.

That organization is the Century Club. The player characters, distinguished by their early adventures, have recently been inducted as members into the Century Club, an organization of scientists, adventurers and explorers who aspire to Make the World A Better Place.

You are a member of the Century Club. You are destined to be among the finest.

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GM’s Notes: Illustration is the cover photo of Spirit of the Century from the Evil Hat Website. Quote is from the book, page 2.


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