Jack Dakota

A friendly bear of a man always ready for a tussle


Concept Rough and tumble ex-athlete


Superb Endurance +5

Great Fists +4, Athletics +4

Good Resolve +3, Alertness +3, Might +3

Fair Guns +2, Weapons +2, Resources +2, Gambling +2

Average Rapport +1, Intimidation +1, Drive +1, Contacting +1, Empathy +1


Brawler, Mix It Up, Army of One, One Hit to the Body, Danger Sense


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Reckless Bravery, Rough and Tumble, Stop the Cult of the Jaguar God, Help the Damsel in Distress


This is my rough draft of Jack Dakota and will change before we start play, especially since I am missing 5 Aspects.

Jack Dakota

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